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Tutorials and resources

How to draw furry characters

Learn how to draw furry characters the quick and easy way.

Breaking into the industry

Lucca comicon and the power of many

Discover how joining forces can lead to unexpected results in spreading the word about you and your comic book.

Breaking into the industry, Making comics

Should you give up making your comic?

How much time and effort you should put into your indipendent project before giving it up? Find it out in this article.

Breaking into the industry

How to sell at comic conventions

Evergreen tips & tricks that can help you sell and promote you comic at conventions.

Making comics

The right graphic style for your comic book

Audience will judge and label your comic book by its cover and graphic style. So pick the right one is key.

Making comics

How to deal with critics to your comic book

Useful tips and tricks to deal with negative critics and nonsense feedbacks.

Breaking into the industry

Mass market tips to sell your comic

The comic market works differently than mass-market. Understanding differencies will greatly help you selling your comic.

Tutorials and resources

How to draw human proportions

If your characters look somehow “deformed” in ugly ways, fear no more.

Breaking into the industry

Make the breakthrough into talented professional

How to solve your weak points and establish yourself as a professional.