About FUrbina.it blog

Furbina.it is the acronym of my name: Francesca Urbinati.
This blog has a long history.

It started as a personal blog, written in Italian.
It became home for posts from “Linfa Creativa”, a collective blog created by me and other artists. The project was abandoned. However, the posts were useful so I kept them online.

I posted different articles from time to time, but never managed to be regular. Plus, the Italian audience proved too narrow for the topics I wanted to write about: making comics, breaking into the industry, become a professional illustrator and so on. On the other hand, I joined interesting and active Linkedin groups. I posted often and my comments were much appreciated.

I decided to restart this blog in English, and expand thoughts and comments I write on Linkedin and other networks.
I’ll keep rooms for tutorials and how-tos as well.

I hope this blog will become an useful resource for you.
If so, don’t forget to bookmark and share it!