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Breaking into the industry

Digital art won’t save you

Relying on digital tools only can be a big mistake for any artist. Learn why and how to catch new opportunities while pursuing your art career.

Tutorials and resources

Drawing realistic hands the quick and easy way

A quick and easy way to draw realistic hands for any character.

Breaking into the industry

5 Reasons not to exhibit alone

You need a real team partner during conventions. This article explains why.

Breaking into the industry

Reasons you’re not selling at conventions

Dos and don’ts to avoid desolation and poor sales at comicons.

Breaking into the industry

To fanart or not to fanart

A brief guide about making fanarts without copyright hurdles.

Breaking into the industry

Pricing your art

A simple way to set your prices for commissions and exhibits.

Making comics

What is your best piece of art?

Successful images are not the ones you think.

Tutorials and resources

Video: Painting Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”

A 3 minutes video about painting Disney’s ice queen Elsa.

tutorial how to draw furry females production samples

Tutorials and resources

How to draw furry female characters

Let’s draw beautiful, sexy furry girls!